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Live Awesome by stopping these



Knowledge unused is crime and let’s not be criminals. Isn’t it true?

What all knowledge have we acquired in the last few years or specifically this year. Did we actually pause to assimilate all the knowledge we gained? Did we apply them? If we did, did we share it with others around? What change did it bring within me? Did I grow? Did I become a better person?

In the last one year I also learnt that there are 10 things you must stop doing (in no particular order) to live a super awesome life.., I am sharing them with you. If you like them do pass it on to others.

  1. Stop Resting

Realize your greater calling and go after it. You got to lose some sleep for it, you got to do something which you have not done, you got to be away from things which make you lazy, you have to give-up some comfort, you got to talk about it day in and day out, you got to chase it until you Achieve and never ever take rest even after you achieve it – keep getting better at it until you die.

The only time you rest is when you Rest In Peace. If you have to rest in peace you have to do things which will ensure you have peace within and you have no regrets the day you rest. Go out and chase your dreams today. When you rest you rust!

  1. Stop Being Ignorant

You don’t wake-up one fine day and be successful and the same principle applies when you fail at something. You fail coz you were ignorant about many things around you. You fail in a relationship coz you were neglecting something which was needed, you fail in your work coz you were ignorant/ neglecting the hard work/ skill needed to do that well.

Build awareness within you and around you and also about you.

  1. Stop Pretending

Accept that life is going to have moments where things will fall apart. Life will not go in the direction you wanted it to., there will be times when you would want to cry and times when you feel like giving up. Stop Pretending to be happy always. You don’t have to care about the world, express your emotions, cry if you need to. Piling up -ve emotions effects your subconscious mind.

Stop Pretending & Start Living!

  1. Stop Fearing

FEAR IS A PRISON. Don’t let your dreams be imprisoned by your fears. You got to face the fear and face it. When you face the fear you gain strength, courage and confidence. Make a commitment to yourself, for next 30 days do everything you think you cannot do and you will see wonders happening around you.

  1. Stop letting others control your life

It’s your life and you got to be in the driver seat. No one can ever hurt you unless you allow them to. No one can ever defeat you unless you accept your defeat.., don’t give away your remote control to someone else. Don’t let others dictate what is right and what is wrong for you. You Choose & Choose wisely!!

  1. Stop Waiting for the “RIGHT TIME”

Stop procrastinating, stop telling yourself that “this is not the right time”. When you dream big, When you really want to do something and that is something you really love, you have to just go out and do it. Don’t wait for the perfect time. It takes you to create that “RIGHT TIME” and never ever “RIGHT TIME” creates you.

  1. Stop Worrying

Love and fear cannot exist together. Similarly, you cannot have an awesome life if you are constantly worrying about how things, relationships, life, friends should be.., when you start worrying you are draining your energy and believe me this energy is much more powerful than the positive one. A little amount of constant worry can attract several diseases within you.

Operate from faith! Stop worrying and start living!

  1. Stop Comparing With Others

The only person you have to compare yourself with is the person you were yesterday. The more you try to compare yourself with others the more bitterness you develop within you. This bitterness soon fills your heart and kills that inner peace. Know that you are unique and you have the special gift which no one else will ever have.

  1. Stop Killing Your Inner Voice!!

The most powerful part of you speaks when you are all alone. Ask yourself can you ever be defeated truly? When you answer this question, be brutally honest to yourself. When you get the answer get up and take life head-on. Stop lying to yourself and stop killing that inner voice.

  1. Stop spending time with wrong people

In order to achieve what you desire you have to move far away from people who are constantly nagging, constantly telling you that you cannot do something. These people are never the ones who will join you in your journey. They are bystanders, who watch things happen and tell you things won’t work. They don’t dream big or believe in super awesome life. Get such losers out of your life.

Prefer to spend time alone than be surrounded with wrong people.

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