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What Is Meditation?



If you ask 100 people “What is meditation?” you are likely to get 100 different answers. That’s because meditation is used for many different things by many different people. But in general, you can think of meditation as an intentional change in awareness in a quest for a physiological, psychological or
spiritual transformation:

• The potential physiological transformations from meditation are well documented. Meditation helps the body recover from, and reduce the negative effects of, stress and anxiety; provides a more restful, nourishing sleep; lowers blood pressure; improves cardiovascular function; and enhances the body’s natural immune system.

• Potential psychological transformations include accelerated healing from past psychological trauma. But its effectiveness as a tool in self-discovery and self-inquiry also makes it a valuable addition to almost any psychological therapy.

• As a catalyst for spiritual transformation, meditation is a widely-known way for tapping into the infinite source of all supply and creation. Be it called God, the Universe or any other name, by taking time each day to be silent in the stillness of this connection, advocates feel connected to a place that seems spiritual in nature – a field of pure potentiality where no limits or barriers exist and everything is possible.

Meditation may be the single most powerful tool for transformation we have in our tool belt. However, never forget that it is primarily an experience that helps us find the calm, still, joy of each moment and – by allowing us to remain balanced in the midst of whatever turmoil may be going on around us – lets us enjoy each moment to its fullest.

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